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Bike As A Mean Of Transport

In this post, I’ll provide you with details of why you must start biking to work and also share my experience of using my all-terrain bike as a way of transportation over the past couple of months.

It was last September that I had kind of a reality check and realized that I was not in my best shape physically. For years I even have been stuck in office jobs where I usually spend at least eight hours sitting at a desk in front of a computer monitor all day. Over time, this had started taking a toll on me as I noticed I was not as physically active as I should be and that I had begun to gain weight.

So I decided that some actions needed to be taken before this got out of hand. I would usually be involved in various forms of exercise including biking and hitting the gym in my extra time. But this wasn’t enough, I needed to be active every day but time was so limited that I couldn’t even squeeze in a couple of minutes per day towards exercise on my schedule.

At last, I found a solution, biking to and from work each day. So, I visited a bike shop in the market and got me a replacement bike specifically to be used for commuting. The bike I bought was one of the cheap bikes, nothing too special or from any of the top bike brands. The bike I got also came fully equipped with gears but you can use a single-speed mountain bike if you choose to. And also the good thing is I got this bike for below $200.

It has been more than five months now since I have been using my bicycle as transportation to and from work and I can tell you that it’s extremely fun and has a ton of advantages including:

Reduced cost

Biking is way cheaper than driving or using public transportation therefore the savings to be gained by using your bike as a way of transportation can add up over an extended period. It’ll cost you less to keep your bike running efficiently than it would to keep your car performing well. The most common costs to be encountered from making biking a daily habit are from tire flats, replacing basic bike parts which are cheap (you can easily find used or cheap bike parts purchasable at your local neighborhood bike shop) and running a full maintenance per annum which cannot come close to being compared with the servicing costs of a motorcar.

Better Health

I can 100 percent guarantee you that you will see major health benefits as you make biking your means of commuting to work. Over the past few months I have been able to burn excess body fat, gain tighter abs and build leg muscles all from spending fifteen to thirty minutes each day riding to work. On top of that, you generally feel good as your body can inhale the fresh air as you are out on the road.


If you live only a couple of minutes away from your workplace, biking may be more time-efficient than public transportation or driving. For instance, I usually leave work at 4:30 pm and it takes me about 45 minutes to at least one hour to get home when I use public transportation. Ever since switching to my bicycle, I’m able to reach home before 5:00 pm on a daily basis.

Environmentally clean

By choosing to bike to work each day you’re making an enormous impact on the earth by reducing carbon emissions from driving. Not only are you receiving personal benefits, but you’re making the globe cleaner and greener with every day that goes by.


I would urge you all to make a positive choice for yourselves and our planet by switching to biking as your means of transportation on a daily basis. As you progress, you’ll find that there are more benefits in addition to those which I have mentioned during this post.

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