Coaching youth sports comes with its follies and rewards. As with all youth coaches, football coaches need to teach children about the rules and fundamentals, as well as physical tactics and strategy. Soccer training camps can be as challenging as rewarding, both the coach and the student. Adults should be patient and careful when dealing with young and impressionable minds and feet.

Recent studies show that 12% of children in US are obese, this scourge seems more and more frequent and important. It can be explained by a considerable lack of reference to the nutrition of the child who tends to nibble between meals and therefore not to eat properly during these. In addition, we find that playful physical activity is an effective way to combat the inactivity of children.

This excess weight very often causes children to feel a sense of complexity or even shame, which prevents them, even if they wish, from practicing a sport activity out of fear of others’ eyes. In other words, summer football camps 2017 for children and teenagers is the best way to put your child in activity, while taking into account his level of sport and mental face to the sport. Finally, we can also offer you the services of our nutrition coach.

When coaching children, it is important to remember that “young athletes are not small adults. Children have the capacity for limited attention and need to be encouraged and based on trust as they get older coaches need to use varying methods to keep kids interested and focus on the game. As kids grow up in young adults, the stages of coaching and development will evolve with the players. Children between the ages of 6 and 14 should be treated as children and adolescents, not like professional athletes. As players get older, it is expected that their overall skill and coordination levels will increase. Depending on the age group, training methods change with respect to drill types, intensity and other general coaching tactics. In the early stages of development, such as those under 6, coaches can focus on balance and dribbling. As children grow up, the more complex ideas like attacking the wings and flanks.

The sports coaches have for mission to:

Ensuring student safety: The coaches have followed the Level 1 Civic Prevention and Rescue training and follow the safety instructions developed by the Sartorius Method.

Ensuring children’s psychological comfort: coaches in football clubs in Dubai participate in theoretical and practical training sessions, particularly in psychology and communication.

Teach differently: coaches apply the Sartorius Method, the first teaching pedagogy exclusively dedicated to children best10top.