I know a whole lot of people would like to have all the programs on the Google play store on their own Android telephones or tablets, but sadly managing each of these applications would be hard. For many users, they simply don’t have the room to accommodate all these applications. The fantastic thing is that, there are particular applications every user needs to have that would bring their Android mobiles alive. At least if you’ve got these programs, you would have a better Android encounter.

  1. Android ASSISTANT

This application is simply amazing. It monitors tasks on your phone by giving you information regarding your mobiles memory usage, battery use, and also information about your memory card. Additionally, it has a fast boost feature that can enhance the speed and efficiency of your cell phone. Additionally, Android assistant also lets you control your telephones volume levels, clean your system files, provides a file manager to handle your files, a batch installer and uninstaller to install or uninstall software easily, and my favorite feature, which will be moving your software from the phones memory to your SD card (memory card). What more can you ask for, this program is an all in one program, a must have for each user and it’s completely free.

  1. Android AVG Antivirus

Everyone needs protection for the own Android phone. Without security, your phone becomes vulnerable. In the end, you can opt for any reliable antivirus to protect your Android phone but I favor the AVG antivirus Guru for the features it provides. Aside the fact that it protects my phone from viruses and threats; it also has an anti virus attribute, by registering my installed antivirus on my phone using my email address. This enables me access my phone if it’s stolen. I can easily track it by place, set off an alarm or lock it by imputing a brief code using the web either by another phone or computer. This gives you ultimate protection and less worries.

  1. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is quite simple to use and requires your telephone number to register and it lets you chat with friends and loved ones. It empowers you share pictures, audio and video files. Some might prefer the KIK messenger since it also has similar capabilities. Well, KIK isn’t bad either but whatsapp is more secured. With KIK, if somebody doesn’t have your number they could still contact you because they want your username only, and yes there are other third party software that randomly give out KIK user names, such as OINKTEXT whereas this isn’t possible if you’re using whatsapp. So overwhelmingly, whatsapp is more secured.

  1. Android Livescore

The greatest application for upgrades in respect to results or scores from sporting events. It gives you minute by minute updates from live sporting events, be it football, basketball or even tennis. Many mistaken it for a football application, but it covers a good deal of sporting activities. You need to get into the menu button below and browse through the choices to access other athletic activities. Android livescore is useful if you’re a fan of sports. This app is provided by CBS Sports. They also have an apple Score app.

  1. Opera Mini

The majority of us enjoy the opera mini.it is quite fast and effective. Other browsers like UC BROWSER and Mozilla are extremely good also but I prefer the opera mini since it’s extremely easy to use. it includes a user friendly interface and can be used to easily access your Facebook, twitter and instagram accounts.