There is no doubt that at present the basketball game is highly liked by the majority of the people. You can also play this game on various gaming devices as well. At present NBA 2k18 is getting popular among millions. With the advance series, many new features are added to enhance your gaming experience. You can easily enjoy this game on your play station 4. Effective and variety of controls are provided in this series which is the most interesting part and you can have a stronger grip on your movements in this game.

Flexibility is the great virtue of this game and makes it more interesting to play. New features like MyGM and My league are added in this through which the player can perform several kinds of activities. Through this feature, the player is allowed to choose the best mode and other options to manage the particular team. You can customize the gameplay to have more challenging and entertaining options.

What is new?

There are new player cards introduced in this game which can be a valuable asset for a team. You can also take the advantages of exclusive player cards by tradition them in the open market. For this auction house is provided to the users of this game. Virtual currency is the most crucial part of every game and it is also valuable in NBA 2k18 game as well. You will have to spend the VC to buy more advanced players for your team. You can also convert NBA 2k18 Locker Codes Ps4 into virtual currency directly.

Use players for best position

There are lots of things that you can keep in your mind always to have more winning chances in NBA 2k18 game. There is no doubt that you must know about the area of specialization of every player to use them at the proper position. You must think about the player as a perfect part of the team rather than thinking about them individually.

Select high rank players

Never hesitate to buy the high-rank player for your team. There is no doubt that good player might be costing you more than usually player but remember it is always worthy to spend money on such players. You should also improve the passing skills of the characters. By effective passing, you can make the game more challenging for your opponent.

There are many bounce passes and you should try to explore about every single move to be a master. You can also open the new door of success by using NBA 2k18 Locker Codes Ps4. They can be converted into the gaming currency directly without any problem.

Take challenges of new moves

In this latest series, many new defensive moves are introduced which were not available in the earlier version of NBA 2k18. To have a more winning chance in the various tournaments you must be able to use all these moves without any problem.  It is quite possible that you might be facing great challenges from your opponents in the real-time game.

Free style play

You should not be afraid of them and go for the freestyle playing. This will certainly change the entire game and you will be able to taste the victory.  Never forget that using NBA 2k18 Locker Codes Ps4 also has several advantages because you can buy superstar players with the help of these codes.