Bet on football and make money is possible, but it is not so simple: explanations in this section dedicated to football bets.

Betting on football is tempting for all fans of this sport, especially when it comes to bet on his favorite team. But bet on football to earn money requires discipline vis-à-vis his emotions, a good level of analysis of matches, a good knowledge of football teams and types of sports bets, and finally the method.

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Defeat the bookmaker, not the opposing team

Whether online on or in a tobacco, when you bet on football, you must understand that you do not play against the opposing team but against a bookmaker who sets the odds of the football matches following a thorough analysis of statistics accumulated and the context of the football match.

In other words, besides the margin of safety taken on the odds, bookmakers earn money on the part of emotion that you incorporate, often unconsciously, in the choice of your bets. Indeed, generally, a supporter will bet on a victory his team even if he thinks that it is weaker than his opponent, for 3 reasons:

  • he refuses to think about the defeat (even more against a historical rival)
  • he is embarrassed to talk to his friend supporters (the pressure of the group)
  • he would be ashamed to bet “against” his team, because it is a little bet “for” the opponent, and it gives him an objective reason (the win) to wish the defeat of his team

The best way to escape this trap is to never bet on his favorite football clubs: this is the basic advice that any bettor wishing to earn money should follow.

Analyze the data to know who to bet on before the match

If you bet before the kickoff, your analysis will need to be thoroughly broken down and will address the “conditions of success” of your bet. Take the example of a league football match (which will end in 90 minutes of time in all cases) between a team A and a team B.

Imagine you bet on Team A’s victory.

For this to happen, Team A must score more goals than Team B, which means that:

Team A will create enough opportunity to score at least one goal

Which means that it must be effective, fit, or have a useful advantage (set pieces, etc.) on its opponent

Team B will not score at all, or if it scores, will score more goals than it will score

Which means that his attack must be weaker than the defense of team A, or when the attack of team A is much better than the defense of team B

Watch the match to bet during the match

If all of this sounds calculative and complex, you can also use your intuition and judgment about an ongoing game, where part of the game has already taken place and given you valuable lessons on how it could end.

The advantage of live betting on the Internet during football matches is that you better control the parameters to take into account (a team plays at 10, a team leads against the course of the game, it rains ropes on the ground … ).

The disadvantage is that it is difficult to assess the coast of an event and even more difficult to do it in a very short time.