The NBA 2K Series is perhaps the most popular basketball game ever. It is one basketball simulation game which has received accolades from gamers all over the world. Not only have the gamers appreciated the game but even the NBA and basketball lovers too have taken a liking to this amazing video game. It is therefore not a surprise that there was a lot of anticipation among fans prior to the release of their latest game the NBA 2K17. People expected a lot of things of this game and thankfully for them the game has by and large been able to meet those expectations. In this article we will be listing 5 reasons why this game is a winner through and through. It ranges from being able to pick classic teams to the benefits that the NBA 2k17 locker codes.  All of these are equally amazing.

#1 Guest Teams

We all love the classic teams which made history in the NBA. However, getting to play the game as those teams wasn’t possible in the earlier editions. However, the team at 2k did a great job by adding some classic teams of the past in the roster. With this new addition you can now play the game with the entire star studded team of USA national team of 1992 and many other class teams of the past. These are easy to download and play with. What is even better is that you can get it for free of cost if you are one of those people who have pre ordered the game. One you get them it is not mandatory that you have to sue them all the time. This flexibility is great for the players.

#2 Better Features

This game has added many additional features when compared to the previous versions of the game. One of the best additions is the additions in features made in MyLeague and MyGM. In the earlier editions player expansion was not allowed. In this edition a player can go from a 30 team league to 36 team league.

#3 Locker Codes

Locker codes are nothing but the virtual currencies in the game. Virtual currencies are usually needed to be bought by the players with real money. However, with the NBA 2K17 locker codes it is possible for players to get some free virtual currencies. With these locker codes players can exchange it for virtual currencies from the website. This gives the players the taste of things that can be done with virtual currency without spending any money.

#4 MyTeam Cards

As a great offer for the fans of this game the makers of this come up with three new MyTeam cards. These cards were released on Facebook by 2K team just before the game was launched. These cards are for those who pre order the game. The cards feature Kobe Bryant, Paul George and Michael Jordan.

#5 New Ratings and Roster

A new ratings system and roster has been created by the Visual Concepts team depending on how good the leagues real life players are.