There are few ways to avoid the back pain. Few of them are given below:

·        Exercise:

Exercise can do magic with your body. If you do it for a few days, you will know the difference on your own. It will make your body active and you will feel the energy in all of your muscles. So doing exercises is good for your health. If you are having back pain, it is the best thing to do in that case. However, there are only a few exercises which can be beneficial for you in that condition. All the others will only harm you. So try to get complete knowledge before you start doing it.

·        Weightlifting:

Weightlifting while having back pain is not a good idea. It will only worsen your condition and you might not be able to walk again after that. So even if you are a black belt, you should not do it at all because it will make your situation worse. In fact, the best way to recover is doing some rest give some break to your backbone. It supports all the weight of your upper body, so it is not wise to pressurize it more by lifting weights.

·        Balance diet:

If you are taking a balanced diet, it will not only save you from having back pain but all the other kinds of pain too. Balance diet means that you are taking all the things needed by your body. This is not possible if you are only eating junk food and processed meat. So if you want to stay healthy for a long time, you need to set up a chart and eat everything your body needs in one day. Our bones are made up of calcium and the best source of it is milk. It is necessary to have a glass or two of milk in order to prevent damage to the backbone.

·        Good posture:

Many backbone problems can be avoided just by sitting straight. If you have a good posture and you try to maintain it, it is less likely for you to have a backbone problem or Sacroiliac joint pain.

·        Smoking:

Only a few of us know that smoking can restrict the nutrients flow to the backbone and this makes it weak. So if you are a smoker and you are also having a backbone issue, the best thing to do is to avoid it completely. It is a myth that smoking kills depression and all. If you look at it rationally, your problems are not going anywhere and shutting your nerves down for a bit will do nothing. You still have to face your issues. SO it is better to do that instead of harming yourself.

·        Sleeping position:

The sleeping position also has a big impact on your backbone health. IF you are fond of sleeping on your stomach, you should stop doing that immediately because instead of relaxing, it only stresses the backbone even more. So it is best to avoid it completely.