The Egyptian symbols and the slots have always been very well connected. And it is normal. What do slot machines look for? Call attention through spectacularism. And what symbols may have attracted the most attention? Right, the Egyptians. These enigmatic hieroglyphs have been the obsession of thousands of people for hundreds of years and today they still have that exotic air that manages to catch almost anyone who passes in front of them. For that reason, they have always had a place in another of the most popular symbols worlds, slot machines. Well, today we are going to talk about the slot machine with the most famous Egyptian symbology, Cleopatra slot machine, whose name obviously comes from one of the most famous characters of the Egyptian world.

Cleopatra was the queen of Egypt for a period of time, something that is not bad, but she was not alone there. His relationship with two of the most powerful men of his time, Julio Cesar and Marco Antonio, made her immortal for humanity. Thanks to this, history will remember her as one of the women with more influence than ever before thanks to her power of seduction. And, in fact, it could be perfectly portrayed as the sex symbol of all time.

In which casinos can you play Cleopatra?

Cleopatra has been developed by IGT. This means that although IGT is a large casino gaming software company, it is not so easy to find in online casinos. That is, it is not as popular as Micro gaming or Net Ent, for example. For this reason, it is complicated to play Cleopatra slot game some country. Anyway, we hope that soon IGT will expand in every country so that we can enjoy slot machines as spectacular as Cleopatra. Of course, it must be said that, in other countries, it is quite likely that there are more online casinos with IGT.

What makes Cleopatra different?

What makes Cleopatra really different from the other slots, apart from its excellent sound and music effects, are the prizes. It is true that it is a fairly expensive slot compared to others in its sector, but it is also true that it is quite grateful. For that reason, it is perfect for those players who have a very high bankroll, who can afford to spend a lot of money and who, due to their big bets, also want to earn a lot of money in a moment.

Similarities with other slots

Of course, play Cleopatra also has similarities with other slots. Not in vain, we are facing a slot with five drums and three drum symbols, that is, exactly like other slots. Also, like the vast majority, it allows us to choose how much we want to bet on each turn, indicating before each roll how many payment lines we want to have active and how much we want to bet on each line. Of course, in this case we cannot remove line by line, but there are only five levels, i.e. 1 line, 5 lines, 9 lines, 15 lines and 20 lines. That is, it gives the user less freedom to stipulate how much to bet per game. We may have won a lot of money and then lose it by not having stopped on time.