Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a commonly heard name is the gaming world but people outside of this world will have difficultly in understanding or even recognizing this name. Gone are the days when gaming was something people did for fun. Nowadays, gaming is a profession with players all over the world participating in tournaments. Consequently, the games have become more tricky and require a good deal of knowledge in order to enable a person to play it. If you searched up the keyword CSGO on the web, it is likely that you are one of the beginners. And the first step in any game is often the hardest. That’s why there are numerous guides available on the internet and this article is one of them.

What is CS:GO?

CSGO is a multiplayer first person shooter video game where two teams combat with each other. One team is Terrorist and the other is Counter-Terrorist. The players in both teams have to complete certain tasks while eliminating the other team. These task usually include planting and defusing a bomb or defending a hostage depending on the team. This game is the fourth in the series of Counter Strike games. The thing that makes this game so unique and popular among gamers is that it’s pure combat. There are no magical weapons or silly tricks, you need to compete on your own skills while using different strategies and plans.

How to Start Playing?

It is very easy to get started on Counter Strike: Global Offensive game. All you need is a hardware copy of the game which you can buy from any local gaming store. After that simply follow the instructions but first of all you will need:

  • CSGO Account – you need to create a CSGO account while signing up for the game which will become your identity and through which you can communicate with other players.
  • Modes of the Game – there are eight main gaming modes in CSGO. The first two, called Casual and Deathmatch are less serious and mostly used for practicing. Other modes called Competitive, Arms Race, Demolition, Wingman, Flying Scoutsman, and Weapons Course are all serious gaming modes.
  • Start with the Basics – when you first start playing the game, you will only have $800 and a basic pistol in your account. The money is enough to purchase a body armor, a better pistol and some grenades. According to experienced players, it is better to save this money because you will need it in advanced levels. As you play the game, you will get cash bonus as a reward for killing the enemy and winning a level. On the other hand, uncooperative actions like killing a teammate or disobeying orders will result in penalty.
  • Purchasable Weapons – as you earn reward money, you can buy advanced weapons with it. There are five categories of purchasable weapons with four being guns like rifles, sub-machine guns, grenades, pistols and one being utilities. In addition to these weapons, you can also purchase a Taser gun to eliminate the enemy.